Q:Could I be Kanga from Winnie the Pooh in your Ohana?

Welcome to the family :) Of Course you can!


Q:I just have a problem I wish that they make princess dresses in adult size. Or at least juniors or something I'm pretty small I'm almost 5 feet


That’s a good one for the discussion board! Well Disney doesn’t want to have children become confused by seeing older teens/adults as the Disney characters! Some of them may look like the real ones, but it doesn’t want to give Disney a bad name…I hope that made sense…it did to me haha !


Q:Could I be Cheshire Cat in your Ohana ?

Cheshire Cat is actually taken! Maybe pick another character!! I’m sorry!



Q:I asked for Minnie's dress. i just wanted to make sure it's the red one, not the pink.

Sure Thing!! :)


Have you picked your dress yet?

I know http://witchesbrew2.tumblr.com/ did at the My Mice Made My Dress Page! Take a Look!

Also pick your Fairy Talent, Pick your Disney Home, and Join my Ohana!!


Take a look everyone ! :)