Chapter 4

Chapter 4
I walked down to the dining hall. My mom told me to dress nice so I chose my red dress. My father keeps telling me I have to find an eligible suitor to marry. That’s okay with me, I wouldn’t mind a husband but I don’t want a stuffy prince. Like the one I met before dinner. Walking around like he knows everything. He also acts like everyone should love him.
“Princess Blair, please,” a servant said holding out my chair for me. I sat down looking around the giant round table. I saw two girls my age, the two other princesses. One had dark brown hair and the other had black hair. They were in elegant ball gowns while mine was a straight one. I believe her name was Rose, the brown haired girl. She sat up straight, spoke when spoken to, and was very good at flirting with the other princes. While Melody, the black haired girl, sat quietly. Not eating, not talking, just staring at the table. She looked sad.
I looked around at the princes. I saw the one from earlier this evening. He was talking to a prince with dirty blonde hair. They looked over and bowed their heads slightly. I had never felt so much pressure before. I felt many eyes on me. I know I wasn’t like the other princesses…
“Princess Blair?” I looked over to see a prince with shaggy blonde hair, “I’m Prince Finn. I live in Arendelle, up in Norway.”
“Hello,” I whispered. He was cute. He had green eyes and small freckles around his nose.
“Are you enjoying yourself so far?” He asked.
“Not really…I miss my horse,” I said looking at him, “Also, I don’t think I belong here.”
“You ride horses?” He asked raising his eyebrows. I nodded slightly as I took a sip from my cup.
“There are some stables on the grounds, would you like to join me on the trail tomorrow morning?”
“Oh, I would love to!” I exclaimed.
“Perfect, I shall set up a brunch picnic for us along the trail,” he said grabbing my hand. He slowly kissed my hand. I felt my cheeks getting hot.
“Welcome my friends!” I looked over to see Princess Belle, Rose’s mother, standing up.
“I’m very happy to welcome the families of our friends. Hoping our children will unite as one someday,” she looked at me and smiled, “Princesses please rise.” I stood along with Melody and Rose.
“Presenting Princess Melody from the shores of France…” Melody finally smiled. She did a small curtesy before sitting again. “Princess Blair,” I waved at everyone…why did I do that? Oh my, my parents were gonna kill me, “…of Scotland” I giggled, curtsied and sat down. Finn was staring at me with a small grin on his face. “And finally Princess Rose…” She nodded her head and bowed. I smiled at her as we met eyes. She gave me a slight head nod before sitting down again.
“Don’t worry about her,” Finn whispered, “She’s too stuffy.”
“Not your type?” I asked quietly. He wrinkled his nose and shook his head. I giggled and looked up to see my father glaring at me. Must’ve been for that wave.
“Sorry…” I mouthed to him from across the table. My dad always wanted me to be more proper. He wanted me to be like all the other girls. My mom always said I grew up like her…even though I don’t shoot arrows or play in the mud I’m still pretty close. We both enjoy the outdoors, except I like saving the animals instead of shooting them.
“Your necklace is very pretty,” Finn whispered in my ear. Very close mind you. I believe this is the first time a boy has ever flirted with me…and I loved it!
“Thank you,” I said holding the small golden bow and arrow in my hand, “My mom got it for me.”
“Do you shoot?” He asked.
“No, my mom does though. I tried once and wound up shooting the castle guard on accident,” I laughed accidentally snorting. He chuckled and looked at me.
“Very cute,” he giggled.
“Sorry, it just comes out.”
“After dinner will you join me for a walk in the garden?” Was Prince Finn really interested in me? He was so cute…I wasn’t putting myself down but Melody and Rose were both beautiful girls.
“Really?” I asked looking at him.
“I’m sorry? Did I offended y…”
“No! Not at all! And I want to go! But I’m just shocked that you took a liking to me and not the other princesses,” I explained.
“You’re beautiful, Blair…You’re different too and I enjoy that. Like I said the other girls are too stuffy.” I was blushing, I knew it.
“I’ll meet you downstairs in ten minutes,” he said getting up having finished his dinner, “You can change if you’d like.” I nodded slightly and smiled. I looked down at my plate which was still packed with food…why did my stomach feel full? I was so nervous, my palms were sweating like crazy. “Blair,” I looked up to see Rose now sitting in Finn’s chair, “I saw you talking to Prince Finn.” Oh no… “Don’t worry he’s not my type.” Thank god “I’m glad we are both finding good candidates right off the bat. But a good friend told me not to settle so quickly, don’t get too ahead of yourself.”
“Thank you,” I said. Why was she telling me this?
“If you need me, my suite is right down the hallway. Don’t be scared to come talk to me,” she smiled and touched my hand before getting up. I watched her link arms with Melody as they walked away, probably having the same conversation.
I needed to get ready…I wasn’t sure what to wear. I guess my old ratty dress, that’s what I always wear. I quickly ran up stairs to put it on…why was I so nervous? It’s just a boy…


Chapter 3

Chapter 3


          “What did you think of Princess Rose?” Naveen asked me. I never called him father it didn’t fit him. He reminded me more of a friend then a dad.

          “She was beautiful, no?” I said sitting across from him.

          “You still have to meet Princess Melody and Princess Blair,” he explained. I nodded. These next two weeks weren’t going to be all that exciting. Three eligible princesses and what? Twelve princes? The odds of me falling in love with Rose, Melody, or Blair were slim to none.

          “I’m going to take a walk,” I said buttoning my suit coat as I rose. Mother smiled as I opened the door to leave.

          When I first saw this castle I fell in love with it. My parents lived in New Orleans in a big mansion style home, but it was nothing compared to this! The artwork on the wall, the details in the architecture, the servants! I would die to live in a castle…New Orleans was great and all, but a prince should be raised like a prince.

          I continued down the hall. Servants passed me and nodded their head slightly. I turned the corner and suddenly was struck, making me fall backwards.

          “Oh my!” A girl screeched. Her curly red hair bounced as she helped me up, “I’m sorry!” She had a weird accent.

          “It’s quiet alright,” I said brushing myself off. She was wearing an emerald green dress and had a bow on her back.

          “I’m Princess Blair,” she said softly. I bowed my head. A princess? She looked nothing like a princess. Her hair was a complete mess, and a bow? I’ve never met a princess who enjoyed shooting arrows.

          “Your accent, it’s funny, no?” I said.

          “I’m from Scotland,” she said, “I have to get ready for dinner.”

          “Me as well, do you shoot?” I asked looking around her shoulder.

          “Oh no,” she laughed, “It’s my mom’s! She left it in the carriage.”

          “So you don’t shoot arrows?”

          “Nope,” she laughed walking away, “See you at dinner, Raymond!” And she was off. I’ve never met a more improper princess. Many that I’ve met curtsey and wait to be dismissed and she just comes and goes. An odd girl. An odd princess.